En 2013 le Domaine de Saint Ser entre en conversion "BIODYNAMIE"

The Domaine of Saint-Ser

An exceptional location

The Domaine de Saint-Ser has the rare privilege of being entirely located in the “Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire” area. It covers 33 hectares that enjoy ideal geological and climatic conditions.

The vineyard, which grows on a hillside, benefits from extraordinary sunlight thanks to its southern exposure and, in particular, the reverberation of the light off the white rocks of the mountainside.

This luminosity favors photosynthesis, which increases the concentration of the grape clusters. In addition, Sainte-Victoire’s shape makes it possible for the vineyard to escape the summer storms that hit its northern face and unfurl on the neighboring towns.
The argilo-calcareous, rocky and poor soil favors the production of quality grapes and gives the wines their natural suppleness.

The Mistral, a north wind, is an integral part of life in Provence. It goes around Sainte-Victoire, drying the vines after the rains, purifying the vineyard and contributing to the growth of the grapes.


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Les Hauts de Saint-Ser

Cuvée Prestige

Cuvée de l'Ermite Rosé

Depuis 2007, le Domaine de Saint-Ser s'est associé avec l'association voyons voir | art contemporain et territoire pour devenir « résidence d'artiste » et organiser des expositions d'art contemporain dans le parc du domaine