En 2013 le Domaine de Saint Ser entre en conversion "BIODYNAMIE"

The Sainte-Victoire

The legendary land, the magical light

The story of Saint-Ser

A native of Lyons in the 5th century, Saint Ser was a hermit who retired to a cave in the Sainte-Victoire mountain. His exemplary virtues and his Christian faith won him many followers and made him a model for the inhabitants of the region.

At that time, Euric, king of the Visigoths, who was violent, cruel and ferociously hostile to the church, ruled over Provence. His biggest adversary was Saint Ser. In around 484, because he refused to submit and was not swayed by threats, Saint Ser was decapitated by Euric’s emissaries. He was buried where he was tortured and executed, and he is venerated throughout the land.

Today, the Saint-Ser chapel, built in a cave on the mountain, still inspires pilgrimages, with the residents of Puyloubier and the surrounding areas heading there each year on May 24th for a religious ceremony.

Thus, thanks to its geographic location and name, the Domaine de Saint-Ser is proud to be an integral part of Provence’s natural habitat, culture and history.


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Les Hauts de Saint-Ser

Cuvée Prestige

Cuvée de l'Ermite Rosé

Depuis 2007, le Domaine de Saint-Ser s'est associé avec l'association voyons voir | art contemporain et territoire pour devenir « résidence d'artiste » et organiser des expositions d'art contemporain dans le parc du domaine